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Heart Candy Apple Candy Cane.

Soul Cake Sugar Plum. Fishing Sonar Crate. Foods and Drinks.

The Swap Serum: A Gender Bender Adventure By Brynn Vivian

Normal: Wooden Endless Quiver. Other: Stake. Other: Candy Corn Coins. Ebonsand Crimsand Pearlsand.

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Grass Seeds. Acorns Pumpkin. Tissue Sample.

How To Make A Sex Change Potion From Male To Female

Lunar Fragments. Grab Bags. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 28 September , at Terraria content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Re-Logic and its licensors. Lion head is just trying to please people lazy people who make mistakes often. Relinquished Reality , Jan 13, It doesn't make any sense that taking a holy potion makes you good, automatically, and it's really lazy.

When to use Sex Change Potion?

Just go hack a bunch of villagers, it's way more satisfying. Also, taking a potion to get seomthing done quickly is kind of like cheating.

Which is corrupt, which is why the body-altering postions on Knothole Island gave corruption. This doesn'' fit wel with being 'good'. Someone is only good, if that person does good stuff, or not?

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D3md , Jan 13, Posts: 96 Likes: 6 Trophies: Quentin Locke , Jan 13, Posts: Likes: 42 Trophies: Definately want the wolf dog potion. Fenrir , Jan 13, Posts: Likes: 31 Trophies: Lydia , Jan 13, Posts: 1, Likes: Trophies: El Mosqueton , Jan 14, Lydia , Jan 14, True in fable 3 its to easy to get pure good or evil unlike fable 2.

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But hell hound like Cerberus would be a sweet add on a dog with 3 heads when you become totally evil be a fun sight. And can fart fire at the bad guys for laughs lol.

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And yes i feed my dog chilly. Or better yet, a hollow wolf from understone. Probably only appeals to evil characters, but evil I am. Fenrir , Jan 18, Posts: Likes: 20 Trophies: I thnk it'd be cool to give poitions ot some npcs, imagine the chaos! Monrizzo , Jan 18, Posts: 10 Likes: 1 Trophies: 5.

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  • [necro] Pathfinder now has a Sex Shift Potion (not a 'cursed item'').
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Frankly id rather they give you an item to get rid of scars i have one on my good guys forhead and its annoying to see it there while my evil character has none. The good and evil potion I disagree on completely that contradicts the whole point of the game.

Phantom Blade , Jan 18,