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How sad!!!!!!! Most of the bloggers on the page haven't made a post in months. I think there is even one blogger on the page who never even made one post. Most of the new bloggers who post all the time aren't shown on the page. No one updates their photos. It really isn't an accurate rendition of who uses this site.

This past month, I received several requests from new bloggers to have their pictures put up on the MTB page. I haven't posted them because I don't like that page and want to change it. So many bloggers wish to remain anonymous. They choose pseudonyms, refrain from giving a bio, and if they give a picture which is rare it isn't one that reflects who they are. This is fine, of course, but it renders the Meet the Bloggers page useless.

This is your site. How would you like to "Meet the Bloggers"? What are your ideas for a new page of this type? Is there another system which would work better? Should we just get rid of it entirely? Fill out the form below to receive an invitation e-mail. Invitations are sent personally and are therefore not immediate. Powered by. What's Goin' On? Blog Links barrettchase. Powered by backBlog. Requirements This site makes extensive use of cascading style sheets and JavaScript, and will probably look awful on systems that do not allow such fancy technology.

Also, it probably looks better on version 6. I'll see you Octopus and raise you a running bat. Donate Sponsors. This site makes extensive use of cascading style sheets and JavaScript, and will probably look awful on systems that do not allow such fancy technology. One of my favorite crazy web-stores is having a huge monster sale! Don't walk - run to Archie McPhee and get all crazy in a kitchy goodness buying spree!

It's all here And don't get the computer code briefcase and then bring it to Geek Prom thinking you're being all original. If you do, I'll beat you with my slide rule! Recently he started posting an internet radio stream. Find it Radio DavidByrne. Here too is a short part of an interview which was on NPR yesterday , in which he talks a bit about file sharing, that little issue that is currently before the SCOTUS.

I got this photo in Canal Park. Well, this time Madison kicks Duluth's frozen butt cheeks. Madison has a rollerderby league. Come on Duluth, grab the UMD women's hockey team, take them over the bridge to World of Wheels and let the butt kicking begin. I think it's just the tourist angle soup town needs. Cheap beer and chicks on skates beating up chicks on skates. Let's hope they're not afraid of flying. I can just see them, taxiing back and forth on the runway, afraid to take off. Geeky, geeky, geeky. Well then, try ye this on fer size! So we want a blog that doesn't suck?

What makes our blogging excitable or entertaining? Is it the truth that makes it funny? Or is it the truth that makes it heart wrenching? Have you ever wondered how painful it would be to have your fingernails torn out one by one. Think about it for a minute if you haven't. Remember that time you bit your fingernail to close and it started to rip the skin from underneath.

Remember the pain you feelt a week after that when you accidently brushed the table with that finger. Ouch, huh? Now imagine this!!!! Whether it is right or wrong. You are 26 years old and you find yourself in a hospital not being able to communicate with anyone but your own voices in your head. For 15 years you are there day after day, people taking over you like you are not there. Your spouse who so loved you the day you got married is now living with someone else and has 2 kids.

They won the lawsuit for your treatment, and then they say the want your tube gone. Are they still in Love???? Now the country is in an uproar, when this happens daily, about little old you. Is it right???????? No one can be the judge but you What would you do????? For me, pull the tube. Consider that my final answer I finally got around to digitizing Low's Carson Daly appearance. Quality is so-so but you will get the idea. There's no need to find a date; you'll be held in higher regard if you come alone.

More info at GeekProm. The video of the walking Octopus is the first thing that has wowed me for a long time. Well, that's not completely true. They looked fantastic! And Ozzy is kind of short. I haven't heard anything about Geek Prom. Is it still happening this year? We still use 2 beige Macs at home - a first-generation G3, and a Mac clone. Anybody remember Mac clones? Anybody remember beige computers? Anyway, someone in my house spilled liquid into one of the keyboards.

The manual we got with the computer had a diagram that showed specifically that you weren't supposed to do that. So now it does funny things when we type with it. Like typing 2 or 3 letters at a time. Or maybe no letters at a time. I know Goodwill gets them in from time to time, but there was nothing there this week. Anybody have one they don't want or know where to look other than e-bay? That amount may increase with my desperation as the tax deadline grows closer and closer. The Radar will be the most popular fridge-post in history with the Violet Days cartoon as its centerpiece.

Self-described "booze connoisseur" Slim Goodbuzz , who struggled with the Ripsaw 's cleaner magazine format, pronounced the return as good news. Tennis the menace Ms. Mary Tennis will be celebrating her birth in the spirit of a 's era coctail party. So dress swanky, bring your own martini glass and help us forget how old she really is. Exploring Expedition of commanded by Lieutenant C. Wilkes, Flying Fish sailed with her squadron 19 August to visit Madeira and Rio de Janeiro while bound for Tierra del Fuego, where the squadron arrived early in From this jumping-off point, the squadron made its first cruises toward the Antarctic Continent, which it was to discover later the same year after surveys among Pacific islands and a visit to Australia.

After the second penetration of the Antarctic, the squadron rendezvoused in New Zealand in April to survey Pacific islands northward toward the Hawaiians, where the ships were repaired late in the year. Flying Fish sailed with Peacock to resurvey some of the Samoan, Ellice, Kingsmill, and Pescadore Islands before joining the main body of the squadron on the northwest coast of America in July Flying Fish made surveys in the Columbia River and around Vancouver, then proceeded to San Francisco, from which the squadron sailed 1 November for the south Pacific.

Arriving in the Philippines in mid-January , Flying Fish and the other ships separated to cruise the Sulu Seas, then made a planned redezvous at Singapore in February. Found unfit for further service, Flying Fish was sold there before the squadron sailed for home 26 February.

See a Problem?

Hertha C. Christensen as manager , Sandefjord Participated in Captain C. Larsen's second expedition for finding right whales in the Antarctic. Participants in the expedition beside C. Totally abt. They discovered some new islands and new land such as Foyn Land, Chr.

They found more fossils, but they didn't find any right whales this time either. The new company did not succeed in making the company profitable, and was liquidated just before the first World War broke out. Either or gross tons, depending on source. It was the relief ship, captained by William Colbeck, for Scott's Discovery expedition in Among those sent back on her was Ernest Shackleton. The ship returned the following year in company with the Terra Nova. It entered service in in the Arctic whale fishery.

After Discovery it was bought by R. Kinnes of Dundee and returned to the Arctic whale fishery. Only Captain Smith and his second mate survived. After serving as a travelling exhibition, Nimrod was sold and began a dreary existence shipping coal. Early on the morning Of 30 January , under the command of a Captain Doran and with a crew of twelve, she was en route from Blyth to Calais when a gale blew her on to the Barber Sands off the Norfolk coast. Her distress signals were seen, but tugs from Yarmouth and lifeboats from Caister could not reach her in the winter darkness and an everincreasing snowstorm.

All efforts to get her refloated were prevented by the easterly squalls, and soon, with heavy seas breaking over the top of her, the engine-room was flooded to the tops of the cylinders and the fires in the boilers were doused. One lifeboat was destroyed, but the crew gathered at the other, waiting for a safe opportunity to launch it. But it did not come. Unable to move to quieter waters, Nimrod continued to be battered and pounded by the heavy seas and violent winds until her back broke and she began to disintegrate. With waves bursting over the decks, the men were unable to launch the boat, and suddenly it was swept off the ship with most of the crew.

For the next six hours the mate and boatswain hung on to the keel of the capsized lifeboat before being washed ashore as dawn was breaking, the only two to survive. The rising sun revealed that the noble little hunter of the seas had finally gone to her watery grave. Source : Riffenburgh, pp Charcot Description : Launched on May 18, Fate : Went down during a storm on the night of September 15, , off the coast of Iceland. Designed by Samuel Humphreys, she was built along merchant vessel lines and included trysail mast and gaffsail on all three masts to enable her to work to windward in strong winds.

Her hull was pierced for 16 small guns, but she usually carried only four to six pounder and two pounders. However, that expedition, held up by lack of money, ships, equipment, and trained personnel - and by administrative feuding since its first authorization in - continued to be delayed until the summer of During her month wait, Relief remained at Norfolk or engaged in runs along the east coast. On 19 August , the squadron, commanded by Lt. Resolution James Cook Description : Lower deck length: ft 8 in Keel: 93 ft 6 in Maximum beam: 35 ft 11 m.

Draft: 13 ft 4. Sabrina Balleny Description : " In the Schwabenland served as the floating base for an experimental airmail service across the North Atlantic, from Lisbon, Portugal, to New York City, via the Azores islands. Ten Atlantic crossings were made during this trial period, starting on September 9, , using Dornier Do 18 twin-engined flying boats. In , together with the newly-built catapult ship Friesentand , the Schwabenland again served as a base ship on the North Atlantic airmail service.

Twenty-eight flights were made between July 21st and October 10, These two aircraft had previously been used on the South Atlantic mail service. The first shelf ice was sighted on January 19, , when the first of seven photographic and nine exploration flights was made.

Simpler 4x4 determinant - Matrix transformations - Linear Algebra - Khan Academy

The ship began its homeward journey on February 15, In August the ship was transferred to Tromso, Norway. Terrapin , and had to be run aground in Flekkefjord. The ship was never fully repaired, and in February she became a stores hulk at Oslofjord, then in January became an accommodation hulk at Oslo-Sandvika.

The Schwabenland was scuttled in the Skagerrak on December 31, , with a load of gas munftions. Third revised English-language edition. Sargent, R. Planning materials and correspondence regarding cost, layout, formatting, advertising, printing and distribution of WUNC's monthly program guide, Listen. Development newsletters and guides regarding fundraising, advertising and listener awareness, as well as program guide data survey sheets, correspondence, notes and calculations.

Correspondence between WUNC and various local radio stations concerning the potential rebroadcasting of each other's programs. Underwriting program descriptions, proposals, correspondence, agreement forms, rates, policies, standards, NPR underwriting guidelines, instructional materials, writings and reports regarding the legalities of fundraising for noncommercial educational radio stations, and other documents related to the role of underwriting at WUNC. Correspondence includes complaints, suggestions, opinions, and reactions to WUNC programming, requests for program guides, donation letters, thank you notes, and letters of appreciation.

Programs that receive substantial attention include "Morning Edition," , and "Options in Education," Materials document the planning, organization, communication, promotion, and advertising behind a number of WUNC-sponsored music and dramatic arts festivals, concerts, station anniversary celebrations, fundraising campaigns, and broadcast program series.

Materials include photographs and slides; posters and flyers; correspondence; proposals and grants; contracts and agreements; and news articles and press releases. Grant applications, proposals, financial documents, notes, flyers, programs, and correspondence regarding WUNC's broadcast of the Greensboro, N. Town of Chapel Hill grant application, proposal, memorandum, program and ticket forms. Letters sent from WUNC to national record companies and promotional agencies requesting recent photographs of various classical and jazz artists.

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Broadcasting agreements, correspondence, press releases and photographic prints of host Garrison Keillor. Patrick's Day celebration. Memorandums, flyers, articles, ticket sales forms, a publicity photograph and negatives. Correspondence, flyers, programs, articles, contracts, photographs, negatives and other promotional materials relating to the and American concert tours of Scottish musicians, as organized and sponsored by the traditional Celtic music series, "Thistle and Shamrock", hosted by Fiona Ritchie and broadcast on WFAE-FM from the UNC-Charlotte campus.

Photographs, negatives, about 60 slides, programs, and budgeting and ticket information. Correspondence, memoranda, flyers, programs, contracts, payment vouchers, financial reports, committee meeting minutes, promotional radio spots, and other planning materials. Photograph, flyers, correspondence, press releases, promotional writings and articles. Planning correspondence, news articles, press releases, program guide, signed anniversary concert programs, photographs and contact prints. Also includes signed letters of appreciation from United States President Ronald Reagan, and from several North Carolina politicians and executives.

Birthday and anniversary cards, postcards, letters, and celebration luncheon planning materials and agendas. Fundraising crossword puzzle, fundraiser event invitation, and volunteer tea party materials. Materials document the descriptive content, technical details, and people involved in the various types of WUNC's on-air broadcasts. Logs are arranged both chronologically and topically and contain varying levels of description regarding featured stories and interviews slated for on-air broadcast. Features logs note broadcast dates, reel numbers, and cut numbers. Commentary logs are arranged alphabetically by commentators' last names and contain varying levels of detail regarding topical program content; commentator biographies; on-air prompts; and time, length, and reel information.

Program logs are arranged chronologically and appear to have been kept by disc jockeys during their radio shows as per a Federal Communications Commission FCC requirement. Logs were kept daily and contain information pertaining to each disc jockey's time-in and time-out, brief program descriptions, and other on-air activities. Program logs are similar in scope to the information contained in WUNC's published monthly program guide, Listen. Music continuity logs are arranged chronologically and detail song names and lengths, musicians' names and instruments, and record label information.

Continuity logs appear to be the music-based equivalent of the station's daily program logs. News logs are arranged chronologically and detail news spots, clips, and on-air prompts. News logs are computer printouts that chiefly take the form of listserv correspondence. Note: Many audio recordings of these on-air broadcasts can be found in Series 2. Materials include reel tapes, audiocassettes, digital audio tapes DAT , and beta cassettes that feature local and national programs, interviews, commentaries, features, music, news, concerts and special events, and other recorded content that was broadcast on WUNC.

Note that many of these recordings may correspond with the printed WUNC station logs. Processing Information: Both titles and descriptions of the audio recordings were transcribed from the individual items or materials that accompany them. Terminology supplied by archivists appears in brackets.

Historian David Beers Quinn speaking on the th anniversary of the settling of Roanoke Island; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Charles Reinhart, American Dance Festival Director, comments on the season, and the past and purpose of the festival; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. A half-hour documentary featuring music from the archives of WPAQ and interviews with musicians who have been associated with the station over the years, as well as on-air personalities. Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, WPAQ contains a treasure trove of unique recordings from radio's golden age, by many of America's most important bluegrass and old time music pioneers.

The radio station has played an important role in the preservation and development of the region's music, over the past 40 years. Includes interviews with Mac Wiseman, Mike Seeger, Jim Eanes as well as station manager and founder Ralph Epperson and other radio personalities; ; 7. John Dalzell interviews William Bennett on his new job as chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities, how this differs from his position with National Humanities Center, and what to expect in the years of restricted budgets; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

Billy Graham's Visit to Chapel Hill and comment upon evangelicalism and fundamentalism in religion; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. The program is the second half of a conversation dealing with the visit of Dr. Tonight's program deals with the changes which have occurred in mainline Christianity in the past 30 years. Recording date 4 April year unknown , broadcast Friday 17 April year unknown, likely , possibly or ; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

Locals Jennifer Henderson of Fayetteville, N. Original broadcast followed with early baroque music to fill the hour to 7; ; 7. Carl Shy, UNC epidemiologist on the suspected causes of a high cancer death rate in Bynum, triple the rate of North Carolina average; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. This performance includes a vocal obligato by Montgomery that is made up entirely of North Carolina place names; Reel 1 of 1; Carol Sloane talks with David Frishberg.


Part 1 of 2; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. What Makes the First Amendment Distinctive? Finlator Baptist minister, Raleigh, NC ; Religion in America: Continuity or Change? Department of Justice ; Drinan, S. Roberts, Jr. He talks about his background, life, and writings; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Robert E. White, former ambassador to El Salvador and other Latin countries on the crises in Center America and the diplomatic service.

C; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Discussion of professionalism and standards for child care providers; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. With compliments, recorded by Beligische Radio en Televisie; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Douglas Turner Ward, producer, writer, co-founder of the Negro Ensemble Company, comments on the works and purpose of the company; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

He describes the instrument, plays and talks about music and musicians; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Initial pilot provided research on how to reach year old audience.

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Series followed this research. American West. Medieval Europe. Celebrating nature cross-culturally. Fifth program in the series. Searches for the roots of words, music, and stories. Children's series; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. First program, contains 3 parts. Parts 1 and 2 on this reel; Reel 1 of 2; ; 7. Preston Hancock discusses the left and right hemispheres of the human brain and the kind of information and learning they all. Emphasis on buses, vanpooling, ride sharing; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Talks to Dr. Excerpts from speech and press conference of Governor Hunt on issues of campaign; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

Bob Keiser discusses United States international policy, relations with allies, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Iran oil, Olympic boycott, the draft. Bob Keiser is on national desk of the Washington Post; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Explores history of hostile Arab-Israel relations, religion and political differences and developments in the peace making process looking especially at Israel and Egypt; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Examines a weekend of activities in Chapel Hill and Durham.

A pop concert, rock concert, ballet, street fair, hospital opening and interview with members of a baseball team are included; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Governor and why they feel they should be voted for in the May 6 Democratic primary; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

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Examines work and need for rest with Duke Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Zoo with Marsha Constentino; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Examines communications in various forms - fortune cookies, cloth messages, telegraphs, telephone, radio, TV, posters, computers, etc. Anne Branscombe speaks. Duke University professor Jerry Hough examines United States Soviet relations including Afghanistan invasion and Soviet political development since the s. Examines populations, economics, and goals of the two nations and how this will affect development of future relations; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

Speech by Dr. Commission on Indian Affairs; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. John Richardson, Jr. Karen Gentemann, research associate in social sciences at UNC, discusses findings of a survey of respondents to determine attitudes on wife beating in N. A conference on preventing crime against the elderly held by the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety.

Teague, and conference attendants speak. Frank Press, presidential advisor in Science and Technology discusses undertakings of the government in basic research, energy, consumer products, cooperation with the Third World, etc; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Her grandmother was baptized as a slave years before in the Old Chapel of the Cross. She speaks about the struggles for civil rights and women's equality and about growing up in the south; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Interview with Ohio native Vincent Phillip on being a black classical pianist and artist in residence at Vance Granville Community College; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

Discusses need for progress and self-determination for Native American in N. Discusses federal regulation of education, competition among institution for money and priorities for higher education; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Church services activism meeting recorded at Russell Memorial Church in Durham, sponsored by the February 2nd Mobilization Committee; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Examines energy alternatives in N. Thomas Elleman debates solar action lobbyist Dick Munson on the future of nuclear energy and energy sources available; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

Talks to local dancers and teacher of dance and members of the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble about dancing for professionals and students; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Guest Artist: Linda Quan, violin; Reel 1 of 2; 7. Larry Churchill and Dr. Rufus Edmisten on Irangate no. Fabianne Worth on women's issues; Mother's Day Reconsidered no.

Paul Mushak on findings from a report on lead poisoning danger to young children being prepared for Congress; Mushak quits public health service I; Reel 1 of 1; 7. Memorial Hospital; Dr. Rebecca Martin on Saints and Heroes exhibition at the N. Archeology; Elvis Clone; 7. Mid-East Perspective: interview with Dr.

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Giraldo, Center for Study of the Family and the State; 7. Adoptions; 7. Raleigh Drug Bust I: Dr. Flying Fiddles -- Chet Procino masterclass; S. The Lumbee -- who are they? Indians -- Who are they? Amateur Sports N. Telephone Foul-up - about the recent blocking of phone system in the triangle when ticket sales for Bruce Springsteen concert locked people out; Shirley Causar, councilwoman, singer, evangelist, Garret Weyr -- Author; Environmental Defense Fund opens up North Carolina Office; Rowing -- the perfect sport?

Audreye Johnson and Dr. Micahel Vasu, N. Jim Martin and Gov. Produced by Fay Mitchell Henderson. The first half of this program is highlights from a concert given by Dallas pianist Alex Moore. James Megar is the concert MC NPR Issue, Series, show title no.

The second half highlights from the Durham Black and Blues Festival. NPR issue , program no. Ball and bones-player James Borders, Bobby McMillan and others singing mountain ballads, and a chat with some of the crafts-persons. Deb Lamberton hosts. This reel features the fiddling of Tommy Jarrell, blues by J. Out contains a promo for issue Featured performers on this reel include Earnest East and bones player James Borders, Bobby McMillan and others singing mountain ballads, and a chat with various crafts-people from the rural areas of North Carolina. Program host is Deb Lamberton ; 7.

The second reel from this bicentennial festival includes performances by Tommy Jarrell; bluesmen J. Deb Lamberton hosts; ; 7. Ronald Reagan plug for Cobey; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. C; Reel 1 of 2; 7. C; Reel 2 of 2; 7. That's lowest among the eleven largest states. The triangle regions unemployment rate is even lower, near full employment. Patricia Specks, Yale University English Professor and scholar at the National Humanities Center speaks on gossip, the subject of a book she's writing; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

Final program in series looks at the year ahead in world affairs and in the environment; Reel 8 of 8 ; 7. Three Washington experts discuss world hunger and United States agriculture's efforts; Reel 6 of 8 ; 7. Note: The only stereo material is the opening music, approx. You may then switch to mono if you want; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Tales; Reel 1 of 2; ; 7. Handmaid's Tale played at the Rialto in Raleigh; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Gil Scott Heron, poet, philosopher, singer, speaks on contemporary American problems; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

Discussing the need for a shelter for people suffering from spousal abuse; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. An examination of high technology jobs and North Carolina's ability to attract them; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. Charles Nemeroff, UNC Biological Sciences Research Center, discusses his research on Huntington's Chorea and Schizophrenia - indicating chemical imbalances in the brain may be the culprits responsible for these illnesses; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7.

Department of Public Instruction are guests; Reel 1 of 1; ; 7. All-Ravel concert. Size About items WUNC initially provided listeners with a combination of daytime and evening cultural affairs commentaries, news, and music; in , the station switched to a hour local and national news- and information-based programming format. Records of WUNC consist of papers, photographic materials, and sound recordings that document the operation, administration, and programming content of the station. Included are materials relating to station licensing and legal issues; grants; staffing; fundraising; advertising; concerts and other station-sponsored special events; expansion of facilities; listener and donor relations; and programming.

Among the materials are correspondence, reports, applications to the Federal Communications Commission, grant proposals, news clippings, and programming logs. There are 2, audio recordings of content that was broadcast on WUNC; many are of jazz performances, especially the locally produced program "Gary Shivers on Jazz," which aired from to and was hosted by Gary Shivers, general manager of WUNC.

Language English Back to Top. Restrictions to Access Use of audio materials may require production of listening copies. Access to streaming audio or moving image materials may be restricted to researchers who can authenticate with an ONYEN or who are physically present on campus. For further information about access to streaming audiovisual materials, contact Research and Instructional Services staff at Wilsonlibrary unc.

Restrictions to Use No usage restrictions. Addition received December RT Sensitive Materials Statement Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act N. Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications e.

Back to Top. Gary Shivers on jazz Radio program Jazz radio programs. Jazz--North Carolina. Public radio--North Carolina--History. Radio broadcasting--North Carolina--History. Radio programs--North Carolina--Chapel Hill. Radio stations--North Carolina--Chapel Hill. Shivers, Gary. United States. Federal Communications Commission. University of North Carolina --History.

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University of North Carolina --Public services. Administrative files, Development and Publicity, Licensing, Facilities, Financial, Programming, Human Affairs, Listener Mail, Special Events, Station Logs, Audio Recordings, About 6, items. Arrangement: Alphabetical by file name; individual files arranged chronologically. About 27, items.

Abstracts of the ASHS Southern Region 69th Annual Meeting in: HortScience Volume 44 Issue 3 ()

About items Annual employment reports, , Subseries: "1. Application to mail at non-profit bulk postal rates, , Subseries: "1. Correspondence, , Subseries: "1. Development: Conferences financial materials, , Subseries: "1. Development: Department meetings, , Subseries: "1. Donations and support, , Subseries: "1. Gary Shivers biographical materials, , Subseries: "1. Gary Shivers on Jazz, inventory of recordings, , Subseries: "1.

Grant proposals, , Subseries: "1. Grants and foundations, , Subseries: "1. List of record labels, , Subseries: "1. Memoranda, , Subseries: "1. National Endowment for the Humanities: Challenge grant, , Subseries: "1. News clippings and press releases, September , Subseries: "1. News clippings and press releases, October April , Subseries: "1. News clippings and press releases, May April , Subseries: "1. Primary Broadcasting Area: Demographic profile report, , Subseries: "1. Primary Broadcasting Area: Survey report, , Subseries: "1. Promotion, fundraising, and pledge drives, , Subseries: "1.

Quail Roost, , Subseries: "1. References and contacts, , Subseries: "1. Tandy TRS educational grant, , Subseries: "1. Thank you letters to listeners, , Subseries: "1. WUNC employee guidebook and policy manual, , Subseries: "1. WUNC employees, station and meetings images, circa , Subseries: "1. WUNC history, , Subseries: "1. WUNC logos, , Subseries: "1. WUNC staff directories, , Subseries: "1. Aural STL license renewal forms, , Subseries: "1. Broadcast station license renewals, , Subseries: "1.

Broadcast station license renewal complaint, , Subseries: "1. Correspondence and notices, , Subseries: "1. Legal materials regarding licensing errors, , Subseries: "1. License renewal: Application amendment, , Subseries: "1. License renewal: Opposition to Petition to Deny, , Subseries: "1. License renewal: Petition to Deny, , Subseries: "1. License renewal: Petition to Deny, supplementary materials, , Subseries: "1. Mississippi Telecasting Company: Licensing agreement, , Subseries: "1.

Notice of violation, , Subseries: "1. Public comment regarding minority discrimination claims against WUNC, , Subseries: "1. Remote pickup mobile license renewal forms, , Subseries: "1. Subsidiary communications authorization renewal forms, , Subseries: "1. Triangle Women's Radio, , Subseries: "1. Coverage area map and transmitter tower blueprints, , Subseries: "1.

Federal Communications Commission FCC : Construction permit for transmitter and broadcasting power increase, , Subseries: "1. Relay fund to support proposed station in Greenville, N. Satellite construction and licensing, , Subseries: "1. Transmission tower project planning materials, Farmville, N. Audit materials, , Subseries: "1. Crest Financial Services, , Subseries: "1. Insurance materials, , Subseries: "1. National Federation of Community Broadcasters: Financial training teleconference notes, , Subseries: "1.