So-Called Experts: How American Consultants Remade the Canadian Civil Service, 1918-1921

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An Old Friend. Southern Comfort. Smoke Signals. Hang'm High! Doc McCoy's Cabin. High Stakes. A Woman's Weapons. Into The Lion's Den. Apr 03, Jaime rated it it was amazing. Eade's novel is capable of quickening pulses and taking one's breath away. Fans of thrillers and political stories will embrace his vision throughout this gripping work of fiction and race to finish to unearth how it all could possibly end.

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The controversial sub-plots throughout the terrifying storyline will engage intelligent conversation and have your friends begging to borrow this book. Thought provoking, easy to follow and not to be missed! Jan 14, Wendy Jensen rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-reads. Whoa, what a thriller. An outstanding book. Just a regular guy at a great job with lots of perks, for a biochem company when he was told his data was incorrect when he knew perfectly well that the GMO food was not fit for consumption. Although this book is fiction, I finished reading it wondering, what if I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

Jun 29, Angie D rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-reads. I cant wait to read this, considering the fact that I absolutely love spies! Jun 18, Debbie rated it it was ok Shelves: g-thriller-mystery-suspense-spy. An Edward Snowden like whistleblower leaks GMO genetic modified O food safety tests to the press and is considered a traitor to his company.

How will he survive on the run? It is an easy read and not very interesting. Should Be Required Reading! If you've been paying attention, you already know GMOs are bad news. But, you ain't heard nothin' yet. Hold on for a very bumpy ride and a great read --and don't read this as you're eating Scary, but very helpful, thought-provoking stuff. Feb 19, InD'tale Magazine rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-suspense-thriller , ratingstar , march , ronehonorable-mention. Jun 11, Janna Shay rated it really liked it.

May 28, Robert S. Good Story BUT! Good Story but marred by the environmental activism. There was quite a bit of the author's feelings about GMO in the book.

He obviously is totally against GMO. Apr 16, Adam Bricker rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed this book. Fun, entertaining read with some thought provoking ideas. Feb 25, Ellen White rated it really liked it. Interesting concept, generic foods, with him being a biologist. Finding there was something inside the food. He is on the run, as a spy, he is not, but he is running, Russia is to give asylum.

Good reading and a different type of plot that intrigues you, and how it will end. Pretty good book really interesting subject and good notes at the end. The novel has a few issues it jumps a bit in the middle and towards the end, Which could have been smother and the ending was weak really weak. It's great to have a message I would just have liked an ending fit for a thriller. Jan 02, Vighnesh rated it it was amazing.

It was totally diffrent spy novel.

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Author make very impressive research on GMO food. Chilling scenario! Scientifically based and accurate to most readers. Lays out revolving door between manufacturers regulators which is indisputable. Worth the read. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Neither fish nor fowl for me this one. I bought this as I was promised a fast paced, gripping spy thriller. For me it was none of these things. It's more Erin Brocovich than James Bond. There's VERY little action and what there is is not very exciting and quite predictable. I bought this expecting an action packed Bourne type spy thriller especially from the cover Neither fish nor fowl for me this one.

I bought this expecting an action packed Bourne type spy thriller especially from the cover design. But from the first page it was clear this was not what I was getting. Firstly the main character comes across as pretty unsympathetic. He's quite a weak character so you can't really root for him. Also the name: Seth Rogan, conjured up the image of the actor Seth Rogan, so in my mind he was a chubby, sloth-like guy who you couldn't imagine being able to do anything remotely physical. It also made the romance aspect seem quite implausible, especially in the context of the weak character.

I couldn't see any woman falling for him. He gave no reason to. The first bit of 'spying' we get is some snooping in the bosses office, hardly Bourne or Bond. Then after that, not much real action, just the slow drip of more and more GM Food research info. Whilst I appreciate the GM foods 'expose', it's not really something I haven't heard of before would make a better documentary subject than a story line for a spy novel and to be honest, the technical details that were trotted out really got in the way and slowed down the story. It also wasn't enough to be informative.

The quality of the writing didn't seem to a great standard either.

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Didn't draw me in. As other reviewers have stated, it seemed a bit 'high school English class' in style. Though I understand it is the writers first novel, it could really have used some polish. A lot of the story was quite implausible and really stretched the suspension of disbelief. Ie the amount of 'break-ins' by mysterious govt agencies, the amount of times Seth was conveniently knocked out to end a scene, the fact that despite having two KGB body guards albeit one unknown to him they didn't seem remotely concerned that their charge was being targeted by the CIA and FBI, who seemingly were able to operate quite blazonly on Russian soil?

And also, once identified, chose not to investigate, leaving the 'spying' to Rogan whose stock method of espionage is to just burglarize their apartment, and merely confirming his suspicions and not really advancing the story. Also the suitcase and pen drive of documents, if the KGB wanted it, they'd just take it.

They wouldn't ask nicely and just shrug when you said no but by then I'd given up on getting any realism. The chapters were also ridiculously short, some less than 2 pages which was quite irritating. In his blurb, the writer compares himself to John Grisham, which on the evidence of this book, is not a a worthy comparison. All in all, this book didn't really grip or entertain me. I stuck with it to the end, optimistic it would pick up but it didn't. Predictable and rather anti-climactic ending which hinted at 'further adventures' for Rogan and his Russian bride but which left me not really caring for what they did next.

Sorry, but I didn't really enjoy this. Now, one might expect that a professional spy much like James Bond would be at the heart of such a story, but think again. What if said spy were actually an ordinary individual trying to do the right thing? What if he was a biologist and actually made a poor spy? And what if his work with genetically engineered foods led to a trail of uncertainty and danger causing him to be marked as a dangerous fugitive by his own government? These elements all weave a complicated plot with one Seth Rogan at its heart, providing a compelling and winning saga that invites readers to experience events through Seth's eyes - making the scenes and sequences nearly impossible to stop reading.

This is a complex story line packed with unexpected twists and turns in nearly every chapter. It might stymie a reader looking for a lighter, more predictable read; but it's just the ticket for fans well used thrillers and mysteries and who seek a bit more complexity and challenge in their leisure reading. The ultimate messages about caring for one's job and environment enough to take action about accepting the consequences of said action, and about the dangers of genetic modification and government interactions with such programs are clearly presented along with action-filled chapters supercharged with an adrenalin rush at every turn.

While the government is busy labeling Seth as a fugitive and traitor to his country for his actions, Seth is equally frantic, doing many things outside his comfort zone from running from everything he's known to carrying a secret that could change the world or result in his murder. As Seth discovers his company is secretly paid by the government and harbors some dangerous secrets, his role as team leader at work changes to become that of a deadly adversary.

And always at the heart of the action are insights into the forms and perils of genetic manipulation: "Everything in each ecosystem is interrelated. The process of evolution has created an intricate balance between the plant and animal life in the system…This process has developed over millions of years and now we come along and play God with it…. Whatever Seth and the company did now could affect the environment for the next seven centuries, or even longer. In a world where nobody can be trusted, what are Seth's alternatives? As his actions turn into an international affair involving the highest levels of governments, Seth finds his own evolving concerns lie at the heart of the controversy and comes to realize that his individual actions could, truly, change the world.

Big business, big government, scientific snafus, intrigue, spies - it's all here. Any who want a more realistic, modern-day James Bond complete with contemporary ethical concerns will find themselves held hostage to the fast action and intrigue in An Involuntary Spy, right up to a satisfyingly-unpredictable conclusion made all the more powerful for its real basis in today's uncertain experiments compliments of Monsanto, Dow, and other genetic manipulators. Donovan, Midwest Book Review Mar 03, Will Fett rated it did not like it. Not a good book.

So many grammatical errors throughout that it is hard to read. The female lead is referred to by two different names throughout. Poor editing because that should be a simple find-and-replace if you want to change the character's name. Here, Lord Armstrong's electrical experiments come to life. Discover recreations of his experiments and find out more about his electrifyingly-exciting story! Here, your inner inventor can run wild! The Young Engineers' Zone is open every weekend and every day during Northumberland school holidays.

There are plenty of family adventures to be had at Cragside. Visiting us on a rainy day? Don't worry! There's still plenty of fun to be had. The fun doesn't stop when it's raining! John Millar.

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