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It was a song ready-made and pre-packaged for the teen vampire renaissance that would come along 25 years after it was released.

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The joke here being that Morrissey is so evil that even Satan wants nothing to do with his shenanigans. Given his recent behavior, we can believe it. If someone tried a similiar experiment to condense the entire goth scene into a song, the resulting melody would almost certainly sound like Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Halloween. This one has everything. Evocative imagery? Uh huh.

I want to get the lyric "I wander through your sadness" tattooed across my forehead. Put this one on at your Halloween party this year and dance. Dance like it's already too late. Dance like there's no tomorrow. Dance like you are already dead. Re-recorded as "Night of the Phantom" and released wide, Texas' Larry and the Blue Notes created a chilling and controversial tale of a serial killer coming for his teenage victims.

Ministry is one of the most respected industrial acts ever. But before they achieved acclaim from the Minutes set, the group released some music that could conceivably be mistaken for acts like Celebrate the Nun at best or Anything Box at worst. It is silly and stupid and is absolutely wonderful. Case in point, "Everyday Is Halloween. Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse was an Xbox game, using the Halo Engine, which allowed players to play as a zombie hell-bent on devouring some of those delicious brains. A fairly self-explanatory title masks a surefire party starter and some thoroughly primal rock n' roll.

Though a touch more psychedelic than horrific, the legendary Erickson has often dabbled in songs about the unseen. Here, his haunted mind is let loose, perhaps literally.

Rock & Roll Rampage #262 – Halloween

Aside from the obvious tie in to the Stephen King novel and film of the same name, "Pet Sematary" is just one of the countless examples of why The Ramones should have been the biggest band in the world. A perfectly crafted pop song with more layered guitar and production than some of their more familiar tunes, and those lyrics The moon is full, the air is still, All of a sudden I feel a chill, Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away, Skeletons dance, I curse this day, And the night when the wolves cry out, Listen close and you can hear me shout.

The anthem of Return of the Living Dead and its many followers plays in minds on loop for most of October. In case you were wondering, there is a non-zombie verison, and its quite terrifying in its own right. Before there was a Texas Chainsaw Massacre , Pink Floyd plumbed the dark side of British psychedelics with this atmospheric almost instrumental.

A voice soars along with the guitars as the song reaches its climax.

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The simple rhythmic bass and echoed drum fills bring as much tension as Joan Crawford did when she played an axe-murderer. Breathtaking in its simplicity. Maybe the best lyrics written by Pink Floyd and they are great lyricists. Nothing and everything is left to the imagination. A very cinematic song. It's a little monotonous and, at six minutes, it's longer than most of their output. But one of the biggest names in horror is underrepresented on this list, and this still has plenty of actual vampire Johnny Thunders blazing lead guitar licks on it.

But the lyrics are really what mark this for inclusion, which touch on the loneliness of the monter recently played to perfection on Penny Dreadful , and some perfectly David Johansen observations like "Oh, who's shoes are too big? And oh, who's jacket's too small?

40 Best Halloween Songs to Rock Your Costume Party

This one has all the hallmarks of the genre, from the loud-ass drums to the swirling organ in the background. The guitar solo that starts howling at is an appropriately lupine touch. Never let anyone tell you its just a dream. Don't get confused by the first two minutes of this song, which sounds like any other overproduced '80s ballad. This is the probably the only song ever written about federal performus interruptus. The menacing guitar lines go down before they ascend.

His delivery is controlled mania, fearful and rebellious and so vulnerable. Selena Gomez starred in the Hotel Transylvania franchises so it's safe to consider her a Halloween expert. Katy Perry told MTV she wanted this song to have a "witchy, spell-y kind of black magic-y" vibe, and she totally nailed it. Grab your other half for this funk-influenced hit. That's why you dressed up in a couples costume , after all. It's impossible not to dance to this song Lady Gaga's breakthrough album includes a very appropriately titled track for Halloween.

Lick It Up Rockstar Wig

Rock on, man. She still killed it of course. Pop singer Bebe Rexha actually wrote the hook for this song that later won a Grammy Award. Place your bets now that someone will start howling along to Warren Zevon's rock track.


Bow Wow Wow's cover of the Strangeloves' single describes your trick-or-treating sugar rush to a T. New wave band The Talking Heads wrote this scary song from a murderer's viewpoint, so there's no denying that the chorus is absolutely killer.

"Theme from The Blob"

Fun fact: The novelty song inspired a movie starring a young Neil Patrick Harris. Jump into the 21st century with this more recent hit all about venomous revenge. The album's title track gets eerie real fast with lyrics about a woman's descent into madness.

Right from the opening scream, Rihanna's number one hit will get people dancing — and singing along to that crazy catchy hook. The hippie vibes of this psychedelic rock may not seem scary, but the song's appeared in everything from Halloween III to American Horror Story. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs somehow turned the creepy topic of decapitation into insanely-danceable anthem.

The slasher movie franchise may include a whopping 11 flicks , but the original soundtrack is undeniably the best. Just cross your fingers that Michael Myers doesn't show up to the party. This Duran Duran classic is a straight shot to the '80s, back when MTV played the jungle-themed music video non-stop. You might have caught this recent hit by X Factor contestant Ella Henderson on the radio. Sure, it's a classic Eagles track, but the witch-themed lyrics fit the holiday theme.

This lead single hit it big back in yet the synth pop track is still the perfect afterdark groove. Mick Jagger's satanic-themed anthem made Rolling Stone' s list of the Greatest Songs of All Time , so no worries if you want to put this one on repeat after October This blues-rock hit from will definitely be replayed all night, but if your friends start acting strange, you should probably switch the song.

Not the HBO series of the same name, but this Justin Timberlake song sounds like someone's a blood-thirsty vampire.