So-Called Experts: How American Consultants Remade the Canadian Civil Service, 1918-1921

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Bonn, Ed. Malet Civil War in Russia — D. Footman Liberty Under the Soviets — R. Baldwin The Bolshevik Revolution - R. Kowalski Lenin's Government - T. Wade The Mensheviks after October - V. Sakwa Bolshevik Festivals - J. Figes State within a State - E. Brotherstone Workers against Lenin - J. Aves Lenin and the Mensheviks - V. Broido How the Revolution was Armed - B. Pearce Our Own People - E.

Poretsky The Origins of the Gulag - M.

Bunyan The Russian Revolution - S. Read Workers, Soviets - W. Carr Socialism in One Country, Vol. Carr Twilight of The Comintern - E. Chase Lenin, Vol. Allmon Editor , Patricia H. Kelley Editor , Robert M. Towards a New Philosophy of Biology. Fausto-Sterling Sexing the body - A. Highfield The Quark and the Jaguar - M. Gell-Mann Complexity - M. Geometry: A Comprehensive Course - Pedoe. Starr The Youngest Science - L. Of Marriage and the Market — K. Young, et al, Eds. Gender and Power — R. Further reading guide about "state socialist" countries.

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Unlike many books on Stalinist societies, these texts emphasise struggles from below:. Cook shows how the Soviet elite kept power not just with repression but by offering concessions to contain the Soviet working class. Cox convincingly shows how Stalinism and the Cold War helped stabilise global capitalism for 40 years.

Filtzer puts the issue of labor discipline at the very heart of his understanding of the antagonistic relationship between the Soviet elite and its work force.

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The most comprehensive summary of the various theories of the nature of the Soviet Union. A detailed account and analysis of cotton workers' strikes in , examining class, gender identity politics in Stalin's Russia. The book is summarised here: 'Strikes against Stalin in s Russia'. In these classic articles, Hillel Ticktin went beyond all previous Marxist understandings of the Soviet Union which tended to crudely squeeze the complexities of the chaotic Soviet system into preconceived categories such 'state capitalism' or 'degenerated workers state'.

Wikipedia on Joseph Stalin for introduction to debate on the number of Stalin's victims. What about the Workers? Workers and the Transition to Capitalism in Russia. The Workers' Movement in Russia. The Development of Capitalism in Russia. Crowley shows how struggles by miners were central to the story of the Soviet Union's collapse. Soviet industry was plagued with high labor turnover, absenteeism, heavy drinking, and slow work which all encouraged the system's eventual collapse.

The argument is summarised here: ' Labor discipline and the decline of the soviet system '. David Mandel, Labour After Communism. Another very useful book on relations between workers and bosses since the Soviet Collapse. Bunck may well be a right-winger but she is very good on the popular opposition to Castro's often over-praised regime.

Kopstein argues how the everyday resistance of East German workers could wear down a despotic state over four decades until it was eventually overthrown. The book is summarised here: ' Workers' resistance and the demise of East Germany '. Harold Lydall, Yugoslavia in Crisis. Lydall integrates Yugoslavia's experiments in workers' self-management into his analysis of the decline of the regime created by Tito. Like Thaxton, Kelliher uses James C Scott's 'anarchist' ideas of 'everyday resistance' to understand the Chinese peasantry.

Lee's book is a brilliant history of the recent changes in the Chinese workplace. Elizabeth Perry: is a good social historian of the history of the Chinese working class. Ralph A. Wikipedia on Mao Zedong for introduction to debates on numbers of Mao's victims. Libcom's guide to further reading around the Spanish civil war and revolution of Smart, Ed. Williams Who Built America? A History of U.

Gutman Militarism, U.

So-Called Experts now in Kindle edition

Churchill The Slaveholding Indians - A. Abel Red, White, and Black - G. Nash Redskins, Ruffleshirts, and Rednecks - M. Foner The Black Worker, 8 Vols. The Making of Black America, 2 vols. Seifer, Ed. Matthaei Pornography and Silence - Griffin. Moquin, Ed. Race and Class in the Southwest - Barrera.

Constitution - S. Genovese, Ed. Carroll Black Rebellion - T. Rice The Slave Community - J. Scott The Negro on the Frontier - K. John Brown - W. Levine The Religion of the Slaves - O. Nelson See General Labor History. Foner Eugene V. Louis - E. Foner, Ed. Lewis - S. Communism - Brown History of The U. Labor Movement, Vol. New Studies in the Politics and Culture of U. Communism sections Revolt Against Chivalry - Hall. James Communist Councilman from Harlem - B. The Politics of War - G. Inglis Empire and Revolution - D.

Stone Intervention and Revolution - R. Barnet Empire and Revolution - D. King Free At Last? Munoz, Jr La Raza - S.

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Steiner Chicanismo - Gonzalez. Zinn Rethinking Camelot - N. Chomsky City of Quartz - M. Western State Terrorism - A. George, Ed. Oakley Liberation Now! Henwood Downsize This — M. Katz Triumph of the Market — E. Bell Out of Order - E. Luxemburg Sex-Pol - W. Heffernan ISO.

What Is Feminism? Mitchell, Eds. Liberation Now! Troubled Pleasures - K. Three Guineas - V. Amazon to Zami — Reinfeider, Ed. Eisenstein Is The Future Female? Troubled Thoughts on Contemporary Feminism - L. Levine See also Sylvia Pankhurst. Haupt Why War? Olin, Jr. International Socialism and the World War — M. Luxemburg The Guns of August - B.

Anarcho-syndicalism: reading guide manifest Anthropology: reading guide anthropology. The vitality of primitive communities was incomparably greater than that of modern capitalist societies. Karl Marx. Car industry: reading guide vauxhall-pledge. China: reading guide books. Council communism: reading guide german. Philosophy: reading guide phil.. Note: this is a work in progress.

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Ontario women launch lawsuit against government, unions alleging systemic racism

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Public Service Commission of Canada

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